At what age can my child start your program? 

We enroll students from ages 2.5 to 5 years old throughout the year. Students must be potty trained to enroll.


When should I fill out my child's enrollment application?

We recommend filling out an enrollment application as soon as possible! Because of our low ratios, enrollment is limited. Special consideration is given to siblings and "alumni" of current and past students.  


Do you offer full-day and half-day options?

Our program is based on full-time enrollment. Daily attendance is flexible. Please see here for more information.


What are the hours of operation?  

Our school is open from 8:00 am-4:30 pm Monday through Friday. 


Where are you located?

Our little red schoolhouse is located on the northwest corner of Morrill St and Osprey Avenue in Downtown Sarasota. Our address is 1773 Morrill Street Sarasota, Florida 34236. 


How safe is your campus?

Our campus is fully secured with 6'6 fences and locked gates. All classroom doors have self-locking mechanisms to provide privacy and security. Classroom doors are locked at all times. Only authorized personnel can open the doors and gain access to the buildings. Our campus gate is locked from 9:30am-3:30pm daily. All visitors must buzz in and are personally greeted at the gate by our staff.

All children are signed in and out daily. Only authorized persons will be allowed to pick up your child and must be noted on the appropriate forms. 


What curriculum do you use? 

Our curriculum is carefully prepared each year for the ages and stages of our students. We use The Creative Curriculum® and The Kindness Curriculum® as our base outline for the school year. For more information on the benefits of our curriculum, visit here.


Will my child be challenged at Discovery Days?  

Absolutely! We provide a variety of experiences in all areas of development including social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. Our ten-month curriculum year extends the students learning far beyond the normal school year and our summer camp educational program prevents academic recession. Our program prepares children to utilize their intellectual and creative abilities and ensures that they are fully prepared for the rigors of kindergarten and beyond.


How do the teachers keep track of my child's development?

We address the individual needs of your child within three weeks of enrollment and observe your child throughout the year to assess their development. Written developmental progress reports appropriate for the age and stage of each student will be completed and reviewed by parents during our yearly Parent-Teacher Conferences. We are excited to provide a Student Portfolio that includes pictures, dictations, and work samples for each student exemplifying their progress. 


As a parent, what is my role at Discovery Days? 

Parent participation is a key factor in the success of your child at Discovery Days! All parents are urged to participate in the program with our Parent Activity Committee (PAC) who enhance our program by sponsoring special events, fundraisers, organizing teacher appreciation, and supporting improvements to our school. When families take an active role in their child's education, a strong relationship is built between parents and teachers. We strive for such a relationship. 


How will I know what is going on during my child's day?

Our goal is to have parents who are well informed. Feel free to ask questions about your child's day and school activities. You are also welcome to: call a teacher during nap time, set up a meeting, leave notes in their mailbox or email us anytime. We also provide weekly class newsletters, emails, calendars, and photos of current activities online.   


Will my child be with other children the same age?

Yes. Classrooms are grouped by age. Students in each classroom have birthdays within 6-12 months of their fellow classmates.


Will my child stay with the same teacher the entire school year?

Not necessarily. When your child is ready to advance to the next classroom, we will share our observations and confirm a personalized transition plan for your family. The advancement decision is based on our knowledge of child development, and your child's ability and learning style.  

Our small classroom ratios and intimate campus allow for your child to have experiences with each lead teacher and staff member. The children are always excited to move to the next level of learning!


What type of backgrounds do your teachers and staff have?

Our staff has completed the Florida requirements for training in addition to various educational degrees and several years of experience. Our teachers are specially chosen for their dedication to meeting the developmental and educational needs of children. To demonstrate their commitment and professionalism, our staff participates in continuing education classes and are members of the local/state/national child care associations. 

Our staff is fingerprinted with complete background checks. They have completed training in First Aid, CPR, Child Growth and Development, Guidance and Discipline, Observing and Assessing Development, and Early Literacy for Children.


Don't see your question?

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